Our Mission

Our mission at Sensual Magick is to enrich the lives of couples through the use of romance enhancement products, sensual toys, and sexual education; to share with other individuals the opportunity to set their own hours, spend more time with family, earn unlimited income and own their own business; to offer our customers and consultants the widest range of quality sensual products possible; and to build a thriving network of like-minded people for support, friendship, and fun!

Our Philosophy

It is our belief that the parent company exists to support the individual consultant, not the other way around. Many other party plans are structured in such a way that those at the top collect the majority of the profits, are fed the majority of sponsoring and sales leads, and receive the benefit of being the only ones in the company allowed to advertise their business or voice their opinions to the corporate office. We have seen businesses so bent on recruiting as many representatives as possible that they managed to sponsor themselves out of business by over-saturating the market. We have seen many good consultants driven away from companies by the constant pressure to perform, to recruit, and to meet high sales quotas.


We believe that when we say “own your own business” it should be your business and you should be allowed to run it the way you want. We believe that you should be able to advertise online and in print regardless of your sales volume, that you should be able to create your own banners, graphics, and sales materials to help build your business, and that you should be given all the tools possible to make your business a success!!

We believe that when we say “earn unlimited income” we should offer a plan where every consultant has the same earning potential from day one – not a plan where you have to buy your commission level with large kit purchases, one where you have to tie up hundreds of dollars in inventory, or one where your earnings are mostly based on sponsoring new recruits.

We believe that when we say “set your own hours and spend more time with family” we should mean it and support you by having the lowest quotas possible, allowing you to work when you want to work.

We believe that when we say “be recognized for your achievements” we should offer bonuses and contests that every consultant can qualify for, not just a few consultants at the top of the company.

We believe that if we stand by these principles, we can offer you one of the best business opportunities possible while allowing you the freedom to have FUN working for the best boss you’ll ever have – yourself!