What do I need to do?

Use our banners and text ads on your web site, personal e-mail, or blog to promote your Sensual Magick business!

Hold your own Home Party shows and help other women take advantage of our great Hostess Program and Business Opportunity!

Create your own banners or text ads for use on your web site, personal e-mail, or blog to promote your Sensual Magick business!

Take advantage of our great monthly specials or feel free to offer your own discounts and incentives! (** If you choose to offer your own incentives and specials, please make sure to let your customers know that any incentive you are offering personally is only good if the order is e-mailed to you directly, and will not be valid through the Sensual Magick web site! **)

Join our Affiliate Facebook Group. (** Membership in our support group is mandatory for remaining a Sensual Magick Affiliate. Link will be sent in your Welcome e-mail. **)

How do I get credit for web sales?

When a shopper visits our web site using your unique link, a “cookie” is placed on their computer. This “cookie” keeps track of any purchases the shopper makes – or if a shopper choses to become a part of your Sensual Magick downline – and matches those purchases up to your Affiliate ID in our affiliate management software.

Commission earned are paid every Sunday once a $5.00 minimum is reached. Bonuses are paid Monthly on the 1st of the Month for the preceding Month.
• ◦NOTE: If a customer chooses to return to make future purchases, you will only receive credit for those purchases if they choose to return using your link!

Are there any restrictions?

Violation of any of our program restrictions could result in your Affiliate Status being revoked. Should this happen, your account will be deleted and any unpaid commissions will be lost! Should you choose to return to our program, there may be a required kit purchase or increased fee to reinstate you!

 All Affiliates must be over 18 years of age and be legally capable of entering into a contractual agreement in order to represent Sensual Magick.

 Affiliates must have Internet access, and maintain a working e-mail address. (** e-mail addresses should be checked daily for sales, company information, and contact from customers. If we are unable to reach you by your registered e-mail address, your Affiliate status could be revoked!! **)

 Affiliates may not engage in harmful marketing practices such as posting ads in groups where adult material is not allowed, SPAM (direct e-mail, mail to groups / forums / message boards where advertising is not allowed, telemarketing, cold calling, or any other non-requested advertising), or harvesting e-mail addresses from discussion groups.

 Affiliates may not promote Sensual Magick on web sites or in groups which promote illegal practices, discrimination, or hate of any kind!

 Affiliates may not make false or misleading statements about Sensual Magick, its products or Business Opportunity.

 Affiliates may not operate their own Affiliate program and offer our products through that program.

 All advertising must state that this is an adult company and that those visiting the site should be 18 years of age or older and not offended by such material.

 Affiliates are self-employed, individual contractors and are not employees or legal representatives of Sensual Magick and may not name themselves as such.

 Affiliates are responsible for following all local, state, and federal laws including, but not limited to, the collection and reporting of sales and income tax.

 Affiliates should conduct themselves as professionals at all times when dealing with customers, fellow business people, or when otherwise representing Sensual Magick.

 Affiliates may not at any time give out their personal account log-in information to any other individual.

 Affiliates may not hold Sensual Magick responsible for damages which have occurred (loss of income or commissions) due to errors which might occur in our affiliate tracking or shopping cart software.

By joining our Program, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

If you’re ready to begin, you MUST sign up with one of our Affiliates. Please visit your affiliate’s website or click here to search our directory.