You Can Have It All

Just like the big romance companies, Sensual Magick offers many fabulous ways to make money, earn promotions, be recognized for your achievements, and have fun!

  • Affiliates earn 20% commission; however, they do NOT receive commissions on their team sales. You may choose to upgrade to the option that works best for you! Continue to earn 20% as a Basic Affiliate or upgrade and earn up to 50% while having fun and building your Team!
  • Take home profit from every sale! You earn up front CASH when customers place orders directly with you!
  • Be rewarded for your hard work! Earn a 5% CASH bonus on when you sell $1,000 or more in a given month!
  • Get paid for building your team! Earn a $5.00 CASH bonus for every new affiliate you sign up when they place their first order!
  • Earn more by helping other women become successful! Web Affiliates, Advanced Affiliates, Executive and Founding Affiliates earn residual income from recruits’ sales up to 5 levels deep!
  • How would you like a new car? A diamond ring? Or a night out on the town paid for by Sensual Magick?!? Earn jewelry, prizes and awards by participating in company contests!
  • Be recognized for sales, recruiting, birthdays, anniversaries and more! All representatives are recognized for all their hard work and achievements in our monthly company newsletter!
  • In Business FOR Yourself, Not BY Yourself

At Sensual Magick, we try to adhere to the direct sales phrase that you are “In business FOR yourself, not BY yourself.”

We’ve been a part of other direct sales party plan companies where they shipped you a manual and some catalogs and then said “Okay – start selling!” (and usually only after telling you all the ways you were NOT allowed to promote your business …) and we want you to know that WE ARE NOT THAT COMPANY!

We have made it our goal to support YOU, our new affiliate, in every way we possibly can!

  • We provide a comprehensive training manual that will cover everything from submitting orders to product demonstration tips, goal setting and the basics of running your own business.
  • We offer all affiliates access to exclusive Affiliate Supplies where you can purchase sample products, display aids and training materials. Company paperwork, and Sensual Magick Gear including shirts, tote bags, magnets, buttons and more are coming soon!
  • All affiliates receive access to our comprehensive back office where they can track sales, view their downline recruits, and find graphics they can use on their personal web site, blog, and e-mail to help promote their Sensual Magick business!
  • Upon joining, all new affiliates receive a FREE company website!
  • Sensual Magick Affiliates Facebook Group ~ This group is JUST for current Sensual Magick affiliates and is the best way to get all your company questions answered!
  • I Do ~ THOSE ~ Parties ~ This is a non-company specific discussion group for anyone involved in the romance party business where you can ask questions and network with other romance party professionals.
  • We offer all our affiliates a great online forum where you can ask questions, share tips, and get support!
  • In addition to all those great tools, how many of the big, national direct sales party plan companies have you ever heard of where you have direct access to the company owner? In our experience, the answer is NONE. In most of these companies only the top 1% of consultants ever have access to the company owner – if that many. But, at Sensual Magick, every affiliate is able to contact the company owner via direct e-mail, our discussion groups, or telephone if need be.
  • How many of those same big, national direct sales party plan companies ask for the input of their consultants when they make decisions? Again, in our experience, the answer is NONE. In most of these companies, every detail from which products will be discontinued this season to which products will appear on the cover of the company catalog is decided by executives in some corporate office with, maybe, two or three of the company’s very top consultants brought in to help make the decision. And, while we realize that some decisions need to be made this way for a variety of reasons, at Sensual Magick we try to include every affiliate in the decision making process whenever possible through our affiliate discussion board.

If you’re ready to begin, you MUST sign up with one of our Affiliates. Please visit your affiliate’s website or click here to search our directory.