How It All Began

Jessie’s Dream

Sensual Magick was born of a long standing love for romance and intimate products to help couples enhance their love life. Jessie’s process for selecting new items to offer for sale was very simple – she sought to find those things that she loved which she was unable to purchase where she lived. And, in northeast Wyoming, this left her a LOT of options!

Jessie officially decided to leave mainstream employment in 2003 and take the leap into starting her own business. She did flea markets, craft shows, bazaars, rented a booth in a local consignment store, collected hundreds of catalogs and spent thousands of dollars on inventory, tried out eBay and other auction sites and made a real go of things for a while. But, in the fall of 2005 she met the man she was going to marry (they celebrated their first anniversary in September of 2007), and things got sidetracked for a good year while they settled in to a new apartment together, got engaged, started wedding planning, and got financially back on their feet enough to get back on the Internet.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2006 that Jessie began piecing her business back together, building new web pages, and thinking about what she really wanted to do. One of those projects was to take her first steps into selling adult products. She eventually found a great supplier with a selection of over 10,000 products to choose from and decide to take the plunge! Within the week she had created Sensual Magick’s first ever-growing website and began work on an affiliate program so that other great work-at-home people could join her team!

In the future Jessie hoped to offer contests, give-aways, monthly specials, and finally launch that great affiliate program.

It’s been an incredible journey. She’s honored you chose to take it with her!


Tracy Schiltz f/k/a Tracy Fischer, on behalf of
Jessie Matthews
Previous Owner, Sensual Magick